Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kitchen Remodel

One of the funnest parts of our house to remodel was the kitchen! I loved picking the finishes out, the wall color, the backsplash, appliances, and watching it all come together.
This is how the kitchen looked when we bought the house. Not bad...but definitely nothing special. I knew I'd keep the cabinets and countertops but everything else had to change. 
A view from the other end of the kitchen. Notice the horrible bulk head that ran right through the middle of the kitchen ceiling. That was horrible but we were just going to live with it. In the middle of our renovation our house flooded (from the swamp cooler on the top floor) and ruined the ceiling in the kitchen. Since the bulk head was ruined we were glad to get rid of it. We also had electrical issues in the kitchen ceiling that had to be fixed so in the end the flood was a blessing in disguise!
The first thing I changed were the knobs on the cabinets. At first they were just a wooden knob that matched the cabinets exactly. I wanted something to stand out so I ordered these oil rubbed bronze ones from
 The next thing we did was pull up the floor. It turned out that there were about 4 layers of laminate and vinyl flooring. My husband had a fun time digging that out!
 I chose a medium dark brown hickory hardwood floor. It turned out gorgeous and I love, love, love it! This is a picture of the floor in the front room which goes throughout the whole main level. I got my wood from Kalia Flooring in Salt Lake City. I love the wood but the service I received was horrible so I can't recommend them to anyone.
 I replaced the old vent covers with these decorative ones from Home Depot. They were around $15 each.
I wanted a blue/gray color on the walls so I chose Aloof Gray by Sherwin Williams. It went perfectly with the backsplash I picked out and was just what I was looking for!
Here's a picture of the bulkhead gone and the ceiling being replaced. It was a long, frustrating few months after the flood but fortunately it was worth it in the end.
With that bulkhead gone we were able to put in can lights right where it had been and it made the kitchen much brighter!

The backsplash I picked out is from Home Depot. I wanted something with blues, browns, and creams in it to match the countertop, appliances, and walls. This one was perfect! It's made of glass tiles and stone and I love the combination!
 Backsplash going in.
Here it is finished and grouted.
The kitchen in the middle of painting.

For our appliances I chose the GE Slate series which we bought from RC Willey. You can get a pretty good deal if you buy them in a package and GE had a mail in rebate too so that was nice. I liked the slate color because it's a smudge proof stainless steel looking type but it's a little more of a bronze/brown color.
 I love cooking on the gas range!
 We needed a certain size fridge (33" wide) but I wanted the French doors and luckily this GE series had just what we needed.
The dishwasher is great because its buttons are above where the kids can't reach them. It's also super quiet.
We switched out the kitchen faucet for this gorgeous Moen one from Standard Plumbing. It made a huge difference!
 I got the barstools from You can find them here on Amazon too. They're easy to keep clean and were the perfect color for the kitchen.
 The kitchen rug is from Kohls.
We kept the pendant lights that the house came with but we switched out the glass covers for some whiter ones.
Here are a few pictures of how the kitchen turned out:

I'm so glad the ceiling is flat now and that the bulkhead is gone! What were they thinking when they built the house with that ugly thing anyway?
Here's a video of the finished kitchen. It was a fun project but it's nice to have it done!

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