Monday, November 3, 2014

Bathroom Makeover

For our upstairs bathroom remodel I wanted something fun and young looking since it's the bathroom our kids use. My boys' favorite colors are blue and green so those are the colors I chose to use. I don't have a great photo of a before picture of the bathroom but you can see the walls were just a boring cream color.
The color I chose for the walls is Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore. My cousin, Jenny, recommended it to me. I just took the paint strip to Home Depot and had it matched in Behr paint since it's less expensive. It's a perfect blue because it's bright without being too overwhelming. It matched the towels I had chosen too.
I taped off the shower and painted around the edges first. We painted the ceiling white and then I cut in the edges at the top of the wall.

The paint is still drying in these pictures but you get the idea.
The original tile on the floor was an orangey travertine that didn't match anything so we got rid of it. I chose to use this blue/gray colored tile from Home Depot. I wanted a darker color floor that still went with the wall color and countertop color. It was only like $1.50 sq/ft so it was definitely in my price range. I also love the long rectangular shape of it.

I found these cute framed starfish and sand dollar pictures at Home Goods. They were the perfect green and fit the bare wall next to the toilet perfectly.
The towels I picked out are from Target. I also got the matching shower curtain which comes in blue as well. I couldn't decide between the two but since I painted the wall blue I figured the green one would look better.
The pink peonies are from Smith's Marketplace and the owl soap dispenser and toothbrush holder are from Target.
This rug is also from Target. (What would we do without Target?)
 It's hard to show the whole bathroom through pictures so here's a short video of the finished room:
 Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little makeover.


  1. LOVE IT! It turned our really well Britt, you're good at decorating!

    BTW, there are no Targets here (at least not nearby) and it SUCKS!

    1. Thanks, Kath! That does suck that you don't have a Target close. Don't forget though, you can always shop at Then you don't even have to run all the kids around with you!


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