Saturday, November 22, 2014

Banister Makeover

Once you start remodeling and updating a house it starts to make other things in the house look out of date and you end up wanting to redo everything. I didn't mind the banister and balusters on our front stairs at first but once we put in our new wood floors I knew I wanted to at least re-stain or paint the existing banister.

I started looking into how much it would cost to tear out the whole thing and start from scratch with rod iron balusters. I got a few quotes from locate places--one quoted me around $2,000 for materials and installation and another $1,200 just for the materials. That was way more than I wanted to spend so instead I looked at the materials I needed at Home Depot. I decided to buy everything we needed there since it was so much cheaper (the total was around $500 for everything we needed) and hire a handyman to install it.

Felix Ortiz was recommended to me and he was awesome! We called him "Fix-it Felix" since he can do anything--tiling, painting, sheet-rocking, name it! I'd recommend him to anyone. His number is (801) 824-6225 if you live in the Salt Lake area and are looking for help with your house. So in the end we ended up saving well over half the cost of what we were quoted. And I love the finished result! Totally worth it if you ask me.   
Here's how the banister looked before:

 And here's the finished banister:
 I threw some fall garland on them to be festive! It's from Hobby Lobby.

 There's a little section at the top of our stairs that we re-did too.

I think it made all the difference to update the banister! And we did it without spending a fortune.

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