Thursday, March 19, 2015

Orange Julius

It's warming up around here so it's time to start making Orange Julius again! Who am I kidding? We make it all year round, even when it's freezing, 'cause it's one of our favorite treats. This is my favorite recipe. Add 1 cup cold water to this if you like yours a little runnier. I like mine nice and thick! Enjoy!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Half Bath Remodel

The bathroom on the main floor of our house is just off the kitchen. It was a tiny half bath when we bought the house--no good. We knew it needed some help so we tackled the project recently and here's how it turned out.
This is what it looked like before we started remodeling. It was just big enough for a toilet and a small vanity. Since it would be the bathroom our guests would be using I wanted to turn it into something more comfortable and inviting.
We decided to move the wall out about 9 inches which doesn't sound like much but it made a huge difference in this small bathroom! Once we moved the wall the toilet was no longer centered in the room so we had our plumber friend, Chad Baxter, fix it for us.
We picked out a small, light colored tile for the floor that's off-white with gray streaks in it.
After the wall was widened I was able to pick out a regular size 30" vanity to go in the little cove there. I picked out this one from Martha Stewart at Home Depot:

We painted the walls a flat white to get it prepped for wallpaper. My mom thought I was crazy for choosing to put up wallpaper since her whole house was covered in wallpaper from the '80s and we just finished taking hers down. But modern wallpaper now is SO pretty and I found exactly what I wanted at and bought it at Home It's called Sea Breeze Large Floral Trail Wallpaper by the Wallpaper Company. 
Luckily my mom is an expert at hanging wallpaper and she showed me what to do. I wouldn't recommend trying to hang wallpaper by yourself. It's definitely a 2 (or 3) person job!
 Here's what it looks like going on the wall. I love it!

 My mom, me, and our little helper.
After the wallpaper was up it was time to start on the wainscoting. We cut the bead board to size out in our garage and then I painted it once it was hung on the wall.

This is how it turned out:

 I picked out this light from Home Depot and my husband put it in for me.

Here's how the vanity looks. I took off the boring silver knobs and added these decorative ones I bought from Hobby Lobby. It was a little change but made a big difference!
I found the perfect mirror at Hobby Lobby! I just waited for it to go on sale and eventually got it for half off.
The last thing we had to do was add the faucet (from Home Depot), the hand towel ring, and the toilet paper holder. Then the bathroom was complete!
 Here's the finished product:
I took a short video to try and show the whole bathroom since it's hard to do with still pictures.
This project was probably my favorite to do in our house. I love cute bathrooms! Now when I have guests come over I'm not embarrassed when they have to use our bathroom.