Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Easiest Ever Caramel Popcorn

If you are a procrastinator like me and you're just getting your neighbor Christmas gifts done the day before Christmas Eve here's what I did this year that was quick, inexpensive, and simple...

Just make some caramel popcorn and throw it in a cute bag with a bow or put it on a Christmas plate and wrap it in cellophane. You can add a cute saying like "Just POPPIN' in to say Merry Christmas" or give some soda with it and say "POP, POP, Fizz, Fizz, We hope you have a Merry Christmas!" Easy peesey.

Easiest Ever Caramel Popcorn -

2 bags microwave popcorn popped and sifted
2 cubes butter
1 cup dark brown sugar
30 large marshmallows

In a heavy pan on the stove melt 2 cubes butter and 1 cup dark brown sugar together over low heat until sugar dissolves. Add 30 large marshmallows, stir and pour over popcorn and mix well. Turn out on wax paper and let it settle. Then transfer to your bags and share with your friends!

This is such an easy recipe you really don't need step by step pictures. Enjoy!

 I was able to get about 6 bags full from 1 batch. It's such a great caramel corn recipe because you don't have to mess with a candy thermometer or know how to make caramel. It's basically like making rice krispies only you use popcorn instead.

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